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Custom Guitars Musicians Love!

Luthier's Pride LLC

Custom guitars, hand crafted by expert builders!
Guitars you can't buy at the guitar supermarket.
Created one at a time to your specifications to enhance your playing style.

We are committed to serving guitar enthusiasts by providing unique custom built, hand-crafted guitars of every type. fbs metatrader 4 Acoustic and electric, flat-top, solid-body, classic, and arch-top all are given a voice by our luthiers but only musicians can make them sing.  Fret-board inlays, semi-hollow and neck-thru designs are only the beginning of the almost endless possibilities available to you. 
Rock guitar, Finger-style, and Jazz guitarists welcome!  If you can dream it, we can build it! 
Contact Us, we love to talk guitars.

Our friends, the patrons and artists listed below, have offered their support and encouragement and have made it possible for us to launch this project .
Please use the links above to contact any of our Friends.

Our Mission Statement is:

Show-case artists, luthiers and musicians who display the best in musical talent, familiar or emerging, in small concerts that are open to the public and provide web-casting for all to enjoy.

If your group, club or organization has an interest in inviting Luthiers Pride to supply you with a program, please contact us to discuss your request.
Contact Us  to share your ideas, extend your support or just to talk guitars

Luthier Johanna Mutti  of Oriskany Guitars
is a featured in Chapter One  of our DVD
Above: Luthier Dave Macubbin discusses the
Limited Edition Chesapeake Bay Guitar Project.
"Luthiers use their artistry to give wood a voice; musicians make it sing!"